Upclose Logo- webArticles and quick guides focused on teaching homeowners and professionals alike how to grow and care for different plants popular in the south Florida landscape. Everything you need to know about planting, watering, common pests and diseases and keys to growing perfect plants.

Bougainvillea- Quick Guide

Bougainvillea is a tropical woody, evergreen shrub plant native of the Brazilian coast.

Bougainvillea 1-webDiscovered in 1768, today it is commonly found throughout the world in tropical zones.  In south Florida it is the king of the landscape providing spectacular winter color

Manuel Rivero……………September 4, 2016

UC003. Bougainvillea- Quick Guide



Cacti & Succulents- A Primer for Growing & Caring

Cacti and Succulents are very adaptable houseplants and can survive under a wi1-cacti-bowl-webde variety of conditions. They are very hard to kill and if properly cared for require very little maintenance and can provide the homeowner years of pleasure.

Manuel Rivero……………November 24, 2016


Gardenia: A Quick Guide to Growing & Caring

TheGardenia-miami supreme- web gardenia, without a doubt, is the most popular of all the shrubs found in the south Florida landscape.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to grow properly. With the help of this guide and a little dirt under your nails you will soon see how simple it really is to grow gardenias in your yard

Manuel Rivero……………August 2016

UC002. Gardenia- A Quick Guide to Growing & Caring

Uc002c- Gardenia Four Seasons

Quick Guide to Growing & Caring of Plumerica Punica

Plumeria punica or Bridal Bouquet is a very popular landscape plant in south Florida.  This quick guide will providePlumeria-web home owners and professionals alike a comprehensive guide on how to grow and care for this spectacular relative of the frangipani

 Manuel Rivero...............August 2016

UC001- Quick Guide to Growing & Caring of Plumeria