Turf-webThe number one agricultural crop in the United States is TURF.  It comprises the majority of the space occupying your property,  it’s used to adorn parks and leisure areas, and is the main platform for playing sports.  Yet we sometimes overlook its appearance and fail to recognize the numerous benefits that it offers to us, our neighborhood and to the environment.  In this section, we explore turf for the home and sports.  The keys to caring, how to select the proper variety for you area, how to mow, when and how much to water

Keys to Good Lawn Care- St. Augustine

Follow these 7 keys to caring for your St. Augustine lawn and you will be the envy of your neighbors. Just follow the simple checklist and enjoy the look of a professionally maintained lawn

Manuel Rivero……………August 2016

LG003- Lawn Care- St. Augustine Grass